20-Ton 24″ Press Brake – My new toy!

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I’ve always wanted to be able to bend plate steel in my garage/shop but could never justify dropping the coin on an iron worker or industrial size/type 50 ton hydraulic press.

I eventually got the harbor freight 20 ton press and added an air over hydraulic ram to it and have used it rarely.  I use it to hold things, press things out(duh) and a few other things but nothing that is really exciting… until now 🙂

I found some steel on craigslist and it turns out the guy had a 24″ Press Brake too he wanted to get rid of.  I picked up the press brake, steel, all threads, and even a contraption he made to use the press brake in for under $200.  Needless to say this was a great deal, and I was excited to get something I had always wanted.

The 24″ Press Brake can bend the full length of 1/4″ steel (so I am told), and the previous owner said they were doing 6″x1/2″ plate in there too.

This will be perfect for making bent tabs, gussets, and just about anything bent for my 4×4 or for use around the garage and yard.  No more going to the hardware store to get a fence brace, etc.

24″ Press Brake

The previous owner added the piece on top to use in his custom press brake contraption, and it even works in my harbor freight press still.

It can bend up to approx. 120*, and depending how wide of bracket you need can obviously bend two 90*s.


This is the press brake contraption prior to clean up / remodel. YOu can’t tell in the picture but the welds at the top, and bottom brackets are stressed.  The plate is pulling up/away from the welds due to the 20 ton ram forcing the steel to bend and thus pulling apart the machine slowly.

I have yet to decide if I want to re-model this one, add some gussets, or simply make a new one out of steel I have.

I like the idea of having a seperate machine (than the 20 ton HF press) to bend steel on because then I can use the HF press for dimple dies which I plan to get next month.

The press brake itself is extremely heavy, and having to move it on and off the press would soon become old, and probably give me a back ache.
This contraption is very simple, and I have enough channel to re-make it identical to how it’s made now but with stronger bottom pieces, and gussets to prevent it from pulling apart the steel.

All in all these two items were worth 200, and I got tons more steel too 🙂 A great deal.

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  1. The bottom die (v block will give you an idea how thick it will bend.Go on a 9 to 1 as a rough measure . If that machine you have there bends 1/2 inch. Ill eat my hat…………

    Comment by Kevo — January 31, 2011 @ 2:17 am

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