20 Ton Press Brake Stand ReBuild

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You may recall in the past I wrote an article about my 20 Ton 24″ Shop Press Brake and press brake stand I purchased.  Well, it’s been a while but I have added on to the press brake stand and also mountd it on my old bandsaw stand.  This not only frees up my shop press to be used for dimple dies and pressing bearings but makes them usuable at the same time.

This is how the press brake stand came when I purchased it.  As you can see it’s missing supports on the top, and for the bottom sides.  There is visible stretch marks in the steel and the bottom left and right sides show where someone added on 1/4″ plate to attempt at helping it remain rigid.

press brake

Here you can see the top with braces added to each side and gussets supporting the braces.  The brace is made from 3/8″ and the gussets are 1/4″ mild steel.  You`ll also notice I added a harbor freight air over hydraulic jack with some ‘guards’ to prevent it from slipping off the press brake stand.

press brake stand rebuild

Here you can see the press brake inserted into the stand and also the new gussets added on the front left and right sides.  These Attach around the area that was stretching.  I also added a handle on the right with some tube I had in my scrap pile.  The tube makes it very easy for moving around the shop and also a nice spot to store the air hose.

In the above picture you also may notice I added some pieces of steel in front of the press brake to prevent it from sliding off the front.

The press brake and press brake stand are now more mobile and always setup and ready to be used.

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