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First off we would like to welcome you to 4×4 Blog dot com. We have made this site to document and share our off-road journeys with the world. This site will not only be about our off-road trips but also about our vehicle builds, fabrication, and struggles to do these things.

If you are interested about who we are and where we come from I suggest the about us page of 4x4blog.com. While this site will mainly focus on our two vehicles, fabrication, and 4×4 lifestyle we will occasionally have guest bloggers’ who we feel our readers will benefit from reading their articles, stories, and how-tos.

If something seems a little off about the articles or trips it may be due to the fact that we will be posting a bunch of old trip pictures and stories. This can lead to some confusion as the 4×4 rigs you see may or may not still be used or even owned by us. We will try to post that info in each and every page so that you know what vehicle it is, who it belongs to and if it is or is not still in our possession.

Another common question is why have you only had jeep vehicles for off-roaders?

This question is a simple one. It’s what we started with, and what we know. We have stuck with what we’ve known as a base for all of our 4×4 builds, and it’s helped keep things simple and also allows us to share parts or keep spares of only one item. We have looked into purchasing Suzuki samurai’s, Toyota Tacomas and more but have never found the reason to switch it up. Do we think jeeps are the BEST or the only choice for off-roading? No, we are not die-hard jeepers, but we do like our jeeps. We welcome all toyota and other 4×4 owners to read, and enjoy the trails with us. We are hoping to have many Toyota guest bloggers share their information, stories, pictures, and trip reports with you.

How often will this blog be updated?

This depends how often we have 4×4 related information, stories, news, reviews, etc to post. There is no set 1 post per-day or anything like that. You may see 15 new pages a week, and then nothing for a couple days or even a week. This does NOT mean we have dropped off the face of the planet or are not into off-roading anymore, it simply means like you we have a life outside of having fun 🙁 and sometimes can’t get here to post a story. If we are really lucky it means we are away camping of 4-wheeling 🙂

How can I contribute or be a guest writer/blogger on 4×4 blog . com?

Simple, feel free to submit your articles to us via e-mail to articles@4x4blog.com if you want images included in your post please send them along too. We will take images of any size and re-size them to fit within the site. We suggest sending images seperate from your article incase there are any problems.

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