4×4 Trip & Testing @ Prairie City SVRA / OHV

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Well after replacing Scott’s King Pre-Runner Coil Over Shock we needed to do a shake down run to make sure everything worked as it should.

We also actually raised the jeep 2-3″ to create more room before the bump stops come into play.  Since Scott is using poly bumps they are not the smoothest thing to land on. Surprisingly the Jeep wit 46″ tires and MORE lift still handled good.  We believe one thing that contributes to the good handling is the suspension design, and the fact that it is setup for rock crawling and flex is limited to prevent pulling the shocks apart.  What this means is we don’t simply lift the frame up and limit flex right before full droop we flex it up and limit the droop of that one side before it maxes out DURING flex.  This means the limit is a little shorter when driving around and jumping but also prevents damage to the c/o when rock crawling, and in the end better handling for such a top heavy jeep.

This is an area we played around in and used to test out the flex of the Jeep.

4x4 jeep

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