Raceline Wheels & A To Z Fabrication

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I’ve been in need of some new beadlock wheels for my rock crawler and decided to contact Zach at A To Z Fabrication to help find the perfect set of rims. After talking to Zach we decided the Raceline Beadlocks would be perfect match for my 42″ Super Swamper IROK tires, and should be able to handle abuse in the rocks, and racing. Zach was more than helpful, and got my rims shipped out to me in record time. I actually think they arrived in less than a week which is VERY FAST considering I live 2 hours away from the nearest shipping depot, and we regularly have delays. Zach is a man of his word, and was able to deliver the rims I wanted in a time frame even faster than I needed them in.

Here are a bunch of pictures of the raceline beadlocks.

The machine work on the bead locks is great, the bolts fit  great, everything lines up like it should! It’s funny to even have to comment on these, but anyone who’s used beadlocks over the years know that many companies  are not “perfect”, RaceLine were GREAT. I would suggest the rim to anyone. How they hold up, well they have been holding up so far so good only time will tell.

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Garage Heater – Keep warm in winter

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Like many of you winter doesn’t slow me down! Winter is the season of 4×4 fabrication and making sure your rig is ready for the trails in spring, summer and fall. For me winter is not the off-season it’s just another time of year to work on my jeep, and to go snow-wheeling! I absolutely love running through 4 feet of fresh powder in my jeep!

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Lube Locker a time saver

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While browsing one of the many 4×4 sites I visit regularly I came across a new to me product called a “LubeLocker”. It is a gasket for your differential that goes between your differential and your differential cover. The first thing I thought was WOW what a time saver this will be. This was one of those things that once I saw it I thought why haven’t they had these forever! So, I must share with everyone on a great potential time saver, and of course to make your life easier.

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