Parker Metal Working – SeaBass44 experience

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SeaBass44 From is the person I referenced on my personal review of Parker Metal Working. He enjoyed his unit… apparently for a VERY short period of time. Here’s how he really feels about Parker Metal Working and Phil Sr. The following is the opinion of SeaBass44 from Pirate4x4.

I bought a scratch & dent plasma from divtec (Parker Metal Working) on ebay at $299, and shipping of $67 az to ca, I’m sure it doesn’t cost that much, but I agreed to buy so I agree to shipping cost, no big deal, it’s $299 right? that is $100 off normal price at that time.

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Parker Metal Working – My experience

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Parker Metal Working started selling plasma cutters on eBay. When a Pirate4x4 member named SeaBass44 purchased one, the company joined the Pirate4x4 forum under the name DIVTEC and started promoting their china made plasma cutters on the premise of awesome customer service. I chose to order from them because they pride themselves on customer service, and promote themselves this way through Pirate4x4. This is my personal experience with Parker Metal Working:

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