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Members of may notice a few less threads popping up it he “Bad Sellers” section as the larger than life fabrication company Ballistic Fabrication was banned recently. You will remember Ballistic Fabrication as being a small startup fabrication company in the off-road industry, as time passed they expanded into other areas acquiring military contracts, and much larger jobs.  Everyone also remembers the larger than life automated robots, and other electronic devices used to take measurements and copy items.  Many industry insiders were questioning their growth as their customer service and wait times had become an issue long before the expansions. With growth came challenges, and the leader of Ballistic could not steer the small fabrication company in the right direction.  After numerous personnel replacements attempting to remedy customer service, and deliverability problems Ballistic Fabrication did not meet the requirements set forth by and their private forum (which they were paying for) will be removed, and numerous employee accounts have been banned as well. is known not to put up with shady businesses and always has their eye on their customers/visitors!

ballistic fabrication banned


Ballistic Fabrication Company Overview

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Ballistic Fabrication is an off-road based manufacturing company based in Tuscon, Arizona that manufactures a number of products related to off roaders, cars, trucks, and similar recreational auto equipment. These products include axle housings, battery boxes, bead locks, cage and bumper parts, tube adapters, misalignment spacers, and other products. The company markets its products to amateur enthusiasts and small manufacturers around the country, from people interested in personal applications to entrepreneurs and lovers of the outdoors with profit making intentions. A significant part of their customer base comes from truck, 4 x 4, and car enthusiasts who purchase their products to improve the off road performance and aesthetics of their vehicles.

Ballistic Fabrication maintains an active online presence that includes a detailed inventory of all of the products available within the company. However, recent activity on popular forums such as suggest that product availability and wait times have gotten much worse. The company directory includes a frequently updated section that describes which products are newly available as well as those that should be available in the coming future. A range of products from large shocks and steering components to small bushings and knuckle bolts may be purchased directly from the company.

Part of the appeal of Ballistics Fabrication is likely the high degree of customizability and flexibility available in their product line. They advertise their warehouse as one of the largest in the country for car enthusiasts. They have moved in recent years to establish themselves as a supplier of products that are not readily available from the direct manufacturers of the vehicles in question. They have also built a niche of providing commonly available products at cheaper prices, which is particularly appreciated by car enthusiasts in a difficult economic climate where luxury and discretionary items may be more difficult to purchase.

A small but growing section of Ballistic Fabrication is their “swag” line, which involves a line of hats, shirts, stickers, and miscellaneous equipment that enthusiasts and fans of the company may purchase to demonstrate their customer loyalty and appreciation of the company. It is possible to order these items of clothing and posters directly from the company directory, and many of these items include free or discounted shipping, adding to their appeal. Similarly, a catalog is available each year for viewing that describes all of the latest products present within the company. The catalog also describes the latest goings on in the off roading community and the future plans and directions of the company.

Ballistic Fabrication has also made efforts to establish a community of enthusiasts in the auto modification subculture. They link to a number of off road enthusiasts and describe themselves as high level sponsors for particular off roading forums and communities. These communities and forums, in return, are likely to promote Ballistic Fabrication and engage in large buy efforts, through which certain products from the company are purchased in bulk for significantly less than they would otherwise be available. This reciprocal relationship is beneficial to both the company and to the communities it supports.

Customer reviews of the company are generally positive, with complaints on the rise.  Customers who are in favor of the company praise the shipping rates and wide availability of a range of products related to off-roading. Others praise the quality of the craftsmanship of products delivered by the company. Customers with complaints are most likely to complain about the times required for shipping, which can sometimes extend significantly beyond the estimates that are provided by the company.

Ballistic Fabrication 20% Off Coupon

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