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Members of may notice a few less threads popping up it he “Bad Sellers” section as the larger than life fabrication company Ballistic Fabrication was banned recently. You will remember Ballistic Fabrication as being a small startup fabrication company in the off-road industry, as time passed they expanded into other areas acquiring military contracts, and much larger jobs.  Everyone also remembers the larger than life automated robots, and other electronic devices used to take measurements and copy items.  Many industry insiders were questioning their growth as their customer service and wait times had become an issue long before the expansions. With growth came challenges, and the leader of Ballistic could not steer the small fabrication company in the right direction.  After numerous personnel replacements attempting to remedy customer service, and deliverability problems Ballistic Fabrication did not meet the requirements set forth by and their private forum (which they were paying for) will be removed, and numerous employee accounts have been banned as well. is known not to put up with shady businesses and always has their eye on their customers/visitors!

ballistic fabrication banned


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    Comment by This is funny — October 14, 2011 @ 8:48 pm

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