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As the months passed I had less and less time to work on the buggy it seemed all I had done up tell now is order parts, pick-up axles and start cleaning up the paint.

During this time period a partnership preseneted itself, and I teamed up with Adam @ www.AA-Fab.com to complete the major fab work on the front-end to accomdate the new coilovers, 3 link suspension, and new steering system. Little did we know what we had in store for us!

Dates and times get fuzzy here because I was so busy, Adam was busy and the buggy was not top priority for me.

Plans changed for the buggy, and we decided to not use the 60 I had found, and superiors were taking SO LONG they went to a spare set of shafts and Bobby Long 60 CVs were ordered to replace them. Luckily for me and thanks to Bobbys fast shipping the CVs arrived in less than a month.

New Buggy Plans

After dropping the buggy off in short time we realized the front-end was not setup well to accomodate the 3 link suspesnion, and coilovers so the entire front frame was hacked near the firewall, and was to be rebuilt minus the high-tube fenders which were planned to be incorporated into the new front-end.

The jeep how it appeared when dropped off @ AA-Fab in Elk Grove, CA.


You probably notice the Chevy dana 44 I had to barrow to get it down there, and some hummer tires as well as missing paint, and new paint in certain places… like I said I had very little time to do any work myself : (

We got the rig into a long-term position @ AA-Fab, and then removed the axle, popped the hood and had a look at what kind of room we were dealing with for mounting the coilovers, and air bumps. If you know the story behind this rig then you know it’s been evolving for many many years, and like anything that’s evolved things have been added and fewere taken away 😉 The rig was in need of an overhaul clean-up too, this would come much later! For now it was front suspension, and building the custom front axle time!

The guts of the beast!


The other side of the engine compartment.


Not much room to mount coilovers, and air bumps even if we were keeping a full width axle under there (which we were not).

Day one at AA-Fab complete!

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