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While the buggy was at AA-Fab I decided to swap out the existing warn winch for a Warn 9.0RC winch due to the size and weight. The new winch actually only weighs a couple pounds less than the one that was on there, and the existing one is finding a new home on the back of the rig!

I also sold the 39.5″ Irok Radials (about 75% to 80% tread) on 15×10 Aggro II Beadlocks and decided to replace them with 39″ Red Label Krawlers and Walk Evans beadlocks.

The 5pt harnesses were placed with padded non-auto tigthening CROW harnesses from PolyPerformance.com and let me tell you they are MUCH easier on the shoulders than the non-padded ones.

We also decided to remove the YORK Air compressor for the engine to free up room for an engine truss, lower hood line w/out scoop, and one less engine accessory to worry about. A TINY ARB compressor will be utilized for the front ARB, and C02 for refilling tires.

I also did away with the full hydro steering cooler that was currently on the rig and replaced it with Sean @ POS suggested. I forget the brand but do recall something about nascar drivers using it, and let me tell you it was BEEFY as hell. Pictures when I can find them.

Here is a picture of the finished motormount connecting to the new tube frame. The bolt is not tight here, and a washer was used to space the motor to prevent it from shifting.


To prevent the chassis from twisting or motor from flexing in the mounts we added an under the oil pan truss that connects to two motor mounts together.


Also you can see the new baffled Canton oil pan that was installed too. I believe it has windage trays too.

The rig also got new headers (exhaust not done yet), I forget the brand as I got them used *yet new*.

The rig is coming together slowly, I only wish Adam and I had more time to work on it.

At this point Adam @ AA-FAB was working on the rig w/out me. So my pictures and updates are going to jump around!

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