Front End Work

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Day 2 at AA Fab went by quick, the frame was cleaned up, the front after the grille chopped off, and it was ready for measurements for coilover frame brackets and bump stops.

It didn’t take long to realize it would be more work to make things fit than it would be to chop the frame off near the firewall and make the entire front out of 1.5″ DOM tubing. This is the way we went!

Day 3 – remove the old frame, and all the other metal to go along with it!

This is what was removed from the front of the buggy.  A bunch of steel, tube, and original frame! This sucker weighed a lot!


With the metal removed, radiator removed, and wires and hoses all tied up the front end started to look smaller, and ready for additional tube!


At this point after discussing with Adam the plans for the front of the rig we decided it best to TIG weld the entire front end (except for a couple spots on the axle) to keep it consistent with the center chassis tube work done by Bill aka Welder Boy. Let me say Bill and Adam’s tig work is amazing!

Day 3 wrapped up with a ready-to work on front end!

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