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Like many of you winter doesn’t slow me down! Winter is the season of 4×4 fabrication and making sure your rig is ready for the trails in spring, summer and fall. For me winter is not the off-season it’s just another time of year to work on my jeep, and to go snow-wheeling! I absolutely love running through 4 feet of fresh powder in my jeep!

Well, as it would be I went in the garage to start working today and it was FREEZING! Really, it was probably 30 degrees Fahrenheit in there. I know what a lot of you are probably thinking “that’s not cold!”, well for us used to California and it being no colder than the mid to upper forties to find the garage in the 30’s was a shock. We’ve been having a week or so of cold weather here in California, and that just made me think about the rest of winter and that I did NOT want to freeze this winter working in the garage.

I don’t need it to be 80 in there but I would like it to be in the sixties, just enough to get the chill / dampness out of the air. Here in CA when it’s cold it’s damp and that you can feel to the bone. I started searching for propane heaters, and then stumbled upon forced induction propane heaters! These things are awesome and I’ve seen the larger one working at my friends 4×4 shop. I new I didn’t need a 450,000 BTU unit for my 2 car garage so I set out to find a unit that did < 100,000 BTU’s. My thought was that it will conserve fuel, and take up less real estate in my already shrinking garage.

I found a nice unit on amazon that was 50,000 – 80,000 BTU and cost around $130 including amazon’s free shipping. This was the unit I decided to purchase until I started looking on CraigsList here I found a 30,000 -50,000 BTU Dyna-Glo forced induction propane heater for $75 used one time. I called up the seller, and went over there to make my purchase. Turns out he also had a tank he wanted to get rid of and I was able to pick the heater, and the tank up for LESS than the heater sells for on amazon, SCORE! The shocker came when I went to fill the 100lb tank. It was 100% empty and took 21 gallons, approx. $75 to fill that. (Next time I’ll be calling around to find the best deal).


This is a picture of my actual unit, my Dyna Glo Propane Heater. One thing that sucks is the cord that comes with it is NOT an extension cord it is ONLY enough to plug into an extension cord. SO you must have a spare extension cord to use this propane heater.


Here’s a picture of my propane heater and my propane tanks. As you can see the unit is tiny compared to the 100lb tank, and 60lb tanks behind it. The propane heater is light weight can can easily be lifted up and down from storage or hanging, or wherever you fit them in your garage.

As you notice I have 2 60lb tanks too, I picked those too up from CraigsList today! I found someone who was going to convert to propane heat and then decided not to, and I purchased the two bottles FULL for slightly more than the gas in them costs.

I have only tested the propane heater a few minutes but by my calculations it should only need to run 10-20 minutes to heat my garage up from 40 to a workable temp. Even if I have to run it 1 hour to warm up the garage the fuel consumption is so low these tanks will likely last me all winter, and then some.

(That is if I don’t get anything else that runs propane!!!)

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