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Having only a two car garage I am running out of room. And as I mentioned in my previous post about enco fast shipping I was going to be putting a lot of things on casters to make more space quickly.

Well the first thing I put on casters was my 20 ton shop press. For the small amount of work required it sure took a while. I had to cut 4 plates to size, and then drill 4 holes in each plate (1/4″ steel), and then grind/sand off the paint on the shop press, clear the scale off the 1/4″ plate, and then weld them into place. Overall I think it took around two hours from start to finish.

Here are some pictures of my harbor freight 20 ton shop press on casters. (Rated for 1200lb ecah… overkill but wow they are nice!)

harbor freight shop press

In the above picture you can see the bracing I added to the bottom, the harbor freight magnetic tray, and harbor freight 20 ton air over hydraulic ram. The 20 Ton shop press has a lot done in these pictures!!

caster mount

In the above picture you can see the 1/4″ plate on top of the caster as well as the caster bolted to the plate.

The casters roll like air over the garage floor even though it was dirty and had grinding shavings all over.

shop press casters

Here you can see the braces I added to the 20 ton shop press to support the casters, and make it stable with only four points of contact with the ground. Before I added the center brace it would tweak very easily, with the center brace it’s amazing how stable it has become. I have no problem pushing it around the garage with no fear of it tipping over. I plan to add a storage tray to the bottom of it so I can leave my dimple dies and other tools that the press utilizes there. I also have some plans to add gussets from the left and right uprights towards the casters to support it even more.

It’s amazing how quickly and smoothly it glides. The only down fall is that it’s short, and narrow so it sometimes requires me to move the casters by hand to go the direction I want. This can probably be contributed to me putting this thing in the corner since it’s so small and then needing to move it around in very tight places, which is somewhat hard to do with the size casters I chose. 4″ would probably make this twist and turn easier, but these work, and came with a brake 🙂

craftsmen pry bar storage

In the above picture you can see how I store my LARGE pry-bars! This is a craftsmen pro pry-bar (Set on sale for $25 (50% OFF!). I welded an extra large washer in the middle of some 2″x2″ square tubing, then drilled it out to 1″, and now my craftsmen pry-bar can slide in but not fall in, and it keeps them safe and easy to get to. I have one on each of the left legs for two pry-bar storage.

tool storage

In the above picture is a 3/8″ rod with a washer welded on to the end (for safety) that is welded to the side of my storage rack. I have three of these on the side they hold my larger tools such as the sawz-all, and my two portable bandsaws. The washer is there for safety and also to prevent the tools from coming off if they are bumped or pulled on. They (the tools) remove easily and can be placed back on easily as well. Since these tools are larger in size this has really helped uncluttered the garage and make them easy to find and store.

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