Harbor Freight Coupon Codes

Harbor Freight as many people know is an importer of Chinese tools as well as a seller of some (very few) American Made Tools. They are known in the industry as cheap, and sometimes called junk. The key to buying harbor freight tools is knowing what is junk and what is not so you don’t waste your money buying a cheap tool. From personal experience I would estimate 85% or more of the items sold at Harbor Freight is junk… so finding the rest is like a “gold mine”. A quick example is their impact sockets $9 for 10 1/2″ deep impact sockets is a deal, especially since they carry a lifetime warranty, and so far none of mine have broke and I have every set they make. Please be sure to check the reviews of the harbor freight tools here at 4×4 Blog.

Harbor Freight Website: http://harborfreight.com/

This page will be updated with harbor freight coupon codes, and current harbor freight deals.  We have found that about every week or two harbor freight sends out coupons in the mail that can be redeemed in store for 10%, 15%, 20% and sometimes (rarely) 25% off one item purchased from harbor freight.  If these coupon codes can be used online we will post them.  You will also find links to deep discounted items at harbor freight here too.

Latest Coupon Page: http://www.harborfreight.com/more-couponsusa.html

Added: Dec 2012

Harbor Freight tools is a premier online tool dealer with an emphasis on quality products sold at somelowest prices available online. With a comprehensive selection, Harbor Freight Tools is ready to servethe needs as all builders, fixers, and do-it-yourself weekend warriors. Their huge stock of tools is spreadout over almost every possible category, with sections available for Automotive, boating, contracting,DIY, Farming, Motorcycles, outdoor, solar, tile and stone, trucks, welding and woodworking. Tools arealso organized by popular brands such as Drill Master, Pittsburg Pro, and U.S. General. A more detaileddescription of the tools that Harbor Freight Tools offers as well as some of the features and specialtiesavailable on the site can be found below.
The automotive selection includes many different types of tools to fit the different needs of thoseworking on automobiles. This selection includes load-holding brakes, various types of jacks, and wheeldolly’s. More professional tools include code readers, engine cleaning guns, and air impact wrenches.
The boating selection offers every tool that the modern boater should need. Harbor Freight tools offersentire boating tool kits, as well as some powerful tools to make the boaters life easier. They carry manydifferent types of portable generators, air compressors, and winches. They also carry oscillating powertools, torque wrenches and digital inspection cameras.
The contractor selection will give see any tough job to an end with a massive stock of powerful tools.Harbor Freight Tools offers metal shears, as well as cement and mortar mixers. The selection of rotaryhammers and reciprocating saws is also extensive.
The DIY selection is full of not only the powerful tools needed to get the job done, but also the safetyequipment necessary to protect the people performing these jobs. Available power tools includeoscillating power tools, air compressors, and compound miter saws. For safety, they offer a wide varietyof welding helmets available in many different designs. They also offer useful home additions such asdriveway alert systems and security cameras.
The farming selection includes some of the most powerful tools that the farmer will need. The Harborfreight tools farming selection is complete with a 7-ton log splitter, a one-man earth auger and a 3-1/2ton farm jack. Other options include propane torches, reflective tarps and engine cleaning guns.
The motorcycle selection includes an extensive assortment of tools to help make the next trip the bestone. Motorcycles will be easier to work on with the motorcycle lifts, loading ramps and digital inspectioncameras that Harbor Freight Tools offers. Get down to business with the selection of torque wrenchesand transfer pumps.
The outdoor selection comes with a huge variety of functional and decorative options. There are manydifferent styles of greenhouses available. There are also some great looks available as portable garages,pathway markers and pop-up canopies.
The solar selection contains all varieties of solar equipment. Smaller options include light sets andbattery chargers as well as solar outdoor lamps. Harbor Freight tools also sells 45 Watt solar panels kitsfor independent power.
The tile and stone selection includes all the high-power tools necessary to work with tile and stone.Harbor Freight Tools offers rotary hammers, cut-off saws, brick saws, and tile saws. They also offer a allthe bits and blades to keep this equipment in good working order.
The trucking selection contains many options that will help make your pick-up more functional. HarborFreight tools carries a full supply of truck racks and ½ ton pickup truck cranes with cable winches. Theyalso offer tow bars and air impact wrenches.
The welding selection includes a large variety of useful welding tools. Among the large stock aremultiple options for Arc Welders and flux wire welders available in a variety of amps. Safety andtransportation options such as welding helmets and carts are also available.
The woodworking selection is large and diverse enough to fit the needs of anyone who enjoys doingwoodwork. All of the important power tools are represented in this section. Oscillating power tools,sliding compound Miter saws and industrial dust collectors are available, as are drill presses digitalcalipers and table saws.
In addition to the tools mentioned above, Harbor Freight Tools carries many more, and the stock isconstantly expanding. Harbor Freight Tools also offers many on-site features to make buying easier forcustomers. A savings tab is available to make finding deals on new and clearance items even easier. Forcustomers that are having trouble, there are customer service representatives available who can helpwith any questions.