JD2 Model 3 Air over Hydro Tube Bender Videos

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I made some videos of my JD2 Model 3 tube bender with the harbor freight air over hydraulic jack conversion.

This is a video of the tube bender at 90psi bending nothing just going through the motions.

JD2 Model 3 Tube Bender Video (8.4mb requires windows media player)

This is a video of the tube bender turned up to 125 PSI bending 1.5″ x .120″ DOM tubing. This video is somewhat misleading as my compressor was already down to around 120psi, and kept going lower until it kicked on again.  When it’s full, and maintains 130 PSI it bends faster.

JD3 Model 3 Tube Bender & Air Over Hydraulic from Harbor Freight Bending 1.5″ DOM Video (20mb requires windows media player)

What I learned in the end was that the tube bender is pretty slow to start but once the bend starts taking form it goes faster, and with full pressure the bender seems to go almost 2x as fast.

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  1. Do you have the part numbers for the harbor frieght air hydraulic parts. I have the model 3 bender and would like to convert it hydraulic. You can send it to my email.



    Comment by Chris Jackson — February 15, 2010 @ 3:37 pm

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