Jeep buggy motor mount work!

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Back to AA Fab to assist in the motormounts to get the engine supported again.


When I arrived Adam had already started working on the new front tube work.


And up next was to get the motormounts done and work around them to do more work!
It should be noted that during the first week (this time frame) I was only able to stop by and help for an hour or two max, and by help I mean grind, hand tools over, assist leveling and holding tube being bent, and generally assist in the fabrication work. At this time there was not much two people could do at once other than work together bending tube, hold tube, notching, etc… the design and overall fabrication work was done by AA-Fab, and unfortunately after this first week Adam and I both got too busy with our businesses to have schedules that would work together, so the buggy was left in AA-Fabs’ hands for completion of the front tube work, axle and steering 🙂

After assisting in whichever way I could we finished up the motor mounts for the 302.


Simple yet strong. Angle Iron, Gussets, TIG Welding and some brackets = new motor mount!
Stronger than the old one? Probably only a little. Easier platform to work off of = for sure, all ground down, bare metal, no rust, etc… good building block for the rest of the motor mount system!

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