King Shocks – Pre-Runner Coil overs delivered!

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Today was an exciting day my King Coil overs (Pre-Runner Shocks) were delivered.

These are my new rear king shocks the front already has a set of 14″ 2.0 King Shocks (Pre-Runner).

The rear king shocks I ordered were 16″ x 2.5″ Pre-Runner CoilOvers.

I went with a 15/12 valving and a  125lb over 200lb with a 90lb tender.  The rear of the rig is relatively light and I want to have more down travel than up. Luckily AA-Fab stocks king coils and I can swap out if I need to try out different spring rates.

Here’s the box the king shocks came in. Note the extreme packaging that they use to prevent ANY damage to the shock body and coils.

king shocks

king coilover

A nice detailed picture of the two king shocks I received 🙂

king pre-runner shock

A close-up of my king shock.

king remote resevoir coil over

King even has their logo placed on their custom shipping box 🙂

king box label

Hopefully there will be a build-up post next week with the rear of the buggy getting tube and the king shocks getting installed 🙂


  1. dude i love these shocks i use the in the line mountai 7 miler and its the toughest course in the us haha keep making them there helping me win in my buggy thanx

    Comment by brett pawelczyk — November 14, 2008 @ 8:45 am

  2. To whom it may concern,

    I currently own a FJ 40 series 1977 mdl short wheeel base Cruiser with a small block / 350ch Motor, 81 model gearbox + transfer case and standard leaf and shackle susp/ syst,
    Can you advise or help!,
    I have noticed that the rear drivers side 2nd from bottom Leaf has “CRACKED” right at the half way axle housing mount area completly thus giving me a half a leaf missing and also shows a visual veiw of the rear sagging slightly approx {1/4 of an inch less} on the drivers rear.
    Can you advise and help me with the most feasable way to go about correcting my problem.
    I was looking at a complete Recurve on all springs and Purchasing a second hand D/S Rear 2nd from 2nd hand dealer if posible due to shortage of funds,
    for i don’t think i could afford a NEW SPRING kit at the moment.
    A was looking at the add a leaf system.
    Could you please give me a $ on either of these 2 set up’s or an alternative if possible, e.g including if you could install for me!! also ready to Drive.
    I am currenly running Deush Tech Iron man shocks Origanal’s,

    Also could you tell me if it would be woth investing in Cimax shackles for on and offroad use and what articulation increase would i achieve {also} if there are any draw Backs with them.

    P.S Will the king coils with ext/reservoir cannistor you have in the picture fit my Vehicle and how much would i be looking at for these to be if installed on my 4×4 in Australia , Melbourne Victoria and where would i find the nearest store to DANDENONG area.

    Your’s sincerely,


    Comment by Paul — July 2, 2009 @ 6:18 am

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