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While browsing one of the many 4×4 sites I visit regularly I came across a new to me product called a “LubeLocker”. It is a gasket for your differential that goes between your differential and your differential cover. The first thing I thought was WOW what a time saver this will be. This was one of those things that once I saw it I thought why haven’t they had these forever! So, I must share with everyone on a great potential time saver, and of course to make your life easier.

I don’t know about you guys but I HATE scraping off the gasket material left behind when you are changing your differential fluid or changing gears. This is probably the longest part of changing your differential fluid, and it makes you smell that nasty diff. fluid for way to long. Apparently the LubeLocker is designed to be better than the factory crushable gasket, and IMHO it is almost as good as making the gasket yourself. Please note while writing this I have not yet used a Lube Locker but plan to in the future if they work for my application (Shaved 14 Bolt, and Dynatrac Pro Rock Dana 60). LubeLocker has an online store if you are interested in purchasing their products. It looks like they have a LubeLocker for only some of the axles right now. I don’t see 14 bolt on the list let alone after market axles such as my pro rock dana 60. The most popular axles are covered though, so if you have a dana 44, 35, 30 or a normal dana 60 you are good to go.


If I get one for the 14 bolt when they come out I will be sure to give my write-up, and if anyone has used one and has something to share please let me know 🙂

(Note: I was not compensated for writing this. I like to share cool products, and things that make life easier.)

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