New 302 / 5.0 engine harness

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So, after getting my buggy back from AA-Fab it was time to fix the wiring mess, and make it run better. The original plan was to re-do 100% of the auxiliary wiring… basically everything that didn’t have to do with making it run. This plan suddenly changed.

While the vehicle was undergoing a new front end some electrical components in the distributor must have shorted because it wouldn’t start properly. After a couple days and 20+ hours of troubleshooting it was narrowed down to this. While searching for the problem I encountered MANY old wires that had gotten brittle, or were nearing their death due to all sorts of reasons. So, in the end it was just better to replace it all. You heard it right I am replacing 100% of every wire on the vehicle, the engine harness, EFI harness, spark plug wires, ALL of the wires are being replaced.

I went with an after market 5.0 EFI harness from RJM. The harness is ultra-compact and has NOTHING you don’t need for an off-road vehicle. Not to mention the harness is the best out there, and Ryan sells a bunch of the EFI sensors too. Did I mention I was replacing almost every sensor on the engine too? I want this bad boy to be like new, and prrrrrrr like a kitten.

The EFI Harness from RJM arrived in less than a week (expedited shipping) and was better than I thought! It’s TINY, the amount of wires on his kit look like the amount of wires on a standard injector harness, not to mention Ryan from RJM supplies you with EVERYTHING! You get zip ties, harness tape, multiple wire loom sizes, a how-to, all wires are labeled and more. The RJM 5.0 harness is a one piece masterpiece that will make the electrical system on the jeep buggy an absolute dream.

I took many pictures of my journey so far.

Here’s the jeep/buggy engine compartment how it sits before we started removing everything.


Another shot of the wiring mess in the engine area. Notice the lack of looms, and the twisted wires making it impossible to know what goes where.


This is the passenger firewall area showing the computer wiring as well as the dash wiring mess.(Dash removal obviously started.)


Another shot of the entire dash and wires going all over.


This is a close up of the passenger engine compartment firewall and the existing wiring nightmare.


Overall shot of entire buggy as it sits now.


Majority of wiring removed. Injector wires, alternator as well as plug wires in place.


The jeep dash has been completely removed as well as every interior wire.


Overall interior shot.


I think now is a good time to remove the swiss cheese… err old firewall and replace it with a new one that compliments the new wiring.

We will also be doing a custom new dash too. At this point I thought I should have started from scratch instead of buying a buggy cutting the front end off re-doing it, then working my way back and re-doing it all as well. The center section of the buggy is nicely TIG welded as is the entire new front, so I must finish it off nicely in all other areas too 🙂


Looking out.


This is a large image so you must click it to view the full size.

I have cleaned up the firewall more.


I’ve now removed EVERYTHING from the inside to help work the clean-up and re-work process. It sure is roomy in here w/no fullsize YJ gas tank to get in the way. A nice AL fuel cell that goes in the rear will sure make room for camping gear.


Interior shot from driver side looking at the missing floor, seats, dash, center console, glovebox, and all other goodies that will be re-added.


If you are wondering why I didn’t take the engine, transfercase, suspension and axles off and sand blast it and re-finish re-doing… well I hope to get the wiring re-done this week, as well as start/finish the interior and re-do the rear suspension. Once EVERYTHING is done (I have more welding to do) I MAY strip it down and sand blast and powder coat it. If not, I will finish hand stripping it in areas that it needs to be then coat the tube with hammered silver, and the skins and hood with bright pepsi blue.

YOu may notice in some of the latest pictures a lot of the tube, and almost entire cowel have been stripped of paint and primer.

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