New firewall. Day 1 Pictures

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16.jpg We worked on the new firewall on my buggy today. It was not to bad, and the harbor freight sheet metal shears made fast work of the 18ga CR steel cutting it like butter.

The original plan was to put a piece of tube where the two pieces of sheet metal merge but we axed that idea as it added little strength and more weigth, that means more clean up on the engine side due to the overlap of steel from the far right (planned on meeting tube).


This is technically my first real sheet metal project.  I have added a few pieces already on the interior but they were 12ga and 14ga which are a LOT thicker than 16ga.  Getting the welder tuned how I liked it took a few minutes and I got a couple crappy welds on there to clean up and re-do.  Once I got it dialed in she was laying some nice beads.

Here’s a picture of how nice of a cut the harbor freight sheet metal shears do.


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