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I got these hand tools a while ago but have been busy with company (visitors and work work) and health problems lately so I apologize for the delay in getting these pictures and information posted.

I decided it was time for me to get some new pliers and wire cutters. After reading some great reviews about knipex I decided to give them a shot! Knipex are def. more than your average Sears pliers they cost along the lines of Snap-On, Mac and MatCo.. I believe the quality to be just as good if not better than them. Knipex pliers are made in Germany and the grip is VERY comfortable but not only that the Cobra Plier teeth area layout is VERY nice for gripping irregular objects as well as the standard ones.

Knipex Plyers

From left to right in the above picture of my knipex pliers.

10″ Knipex Cobra Pliers w/comfort grip
6″ Knipex Cobra Pliers (note the thin grip)
9″ High Leverage Linemans NE Style Comfort Grip Pliers (these are awesome! tons of leverage and very smooth)
8″ Long Nose PLiers with Cutters rated for 1,000 Volts
8″ Knipex High Leverage Diagonal Cutters w/comfort grip (these cut like butter! awesome steel)

I am VERY pleased with these Knipex pliers and will be buying more in the future. Knipex makes pliers for about anything you can dream of! I purchased these from Amazon and got free shipping!

Next up was an impulse buy while stopping in at my local Sears to see if they had a punch that has been on back order for over two months now!! I got their 3 Piece Craftsman vise-grip(like) set. I was VERY impressed with them and the small changes that they had over the Vise-Grip (IRWIN) branded ones I currently have. The grip to my surprise is nice, I was already thinking I was going to not like them being fatter.. I was wrong.. Also the release and the adjuster seem to move smoother/easier than the IRWIN. The only down fall to these over the Irwin/Vise-Grip are the teeth/gripping area.  As you can see the largest and smallest are FLAT and only the medium one is somewhat rounded (like the knipex pliers).  I don’t like the flat ones much as they can not be used for near as many things as the rounded ones.

Craftsman Vise Grips

Other than that the sears vise grips are every bit as good (so far) as the Irwin / Vise-Grip branded ones.  I got these on sale and would not suggest buying them not due to cost and the same goes for Irwin/vise-Grip branded ones from Sears too.  Sears charges WAY more for their Vise-Grips than you can get them for from ENCO even with the shipping.  I remember some at ENCO cost $5-10/less EACH than Sears! Shop around people and save some money and buy more tools!!!

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