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Off Road Unlimited, known on the web as 4×4 Rockshop Online is a merchant specializing in off-roading equipment for a wide variety of platforms, particularly Trucks, the Jeep JK and ATVs. Their selection includes products for almost every off-roading need including both engine components and exterior accessories.

Their wide selection of engine components is organized by part, and then by make and model of the vehicle. They offer options for most popular vehicle makes including Ford, Jeep, Nissan, Dodge, Chevy and Toyota. These options include air filters, clutches, exhaust systems, oil filters and carburetors. Not all components will be available at all times for each make, but the inventory is upgraded regularly.

A large amount of products are dedicated toward the Jeep JK model. These products include engine components such as drivetrains, exhaust systems and suspension kits. Off Road unlimited also offers options to soup up the JK with a variety of protective and cosmetic options. They offer several different sets of armor to protect the JK, as well as different types of lifting options that allow customers to set the height for their vehicles. There are different bars and rails available to protect all sides of the vehicle. For those who want to make cosmetic changes to their JK, there are a large variety of tops and door styles available as well.

Off Road Unlimited offers a massive selection in addition to the products already mentioned. They have more options for vehicles and ATV’s, and even independent products that may be of use to the off-roader. Additional vehicle products include installable seats and harnesses, specialty tires, light fixtures, and installable options for in-vehicle electronics. They also offer GPS systems, fire extinguishers and specialty engine and transmission fluid. For the bargain hunter, they offer individual sections for specials, package discounts and closeout deals.

Off Road Unlimited can be reached on their website at Customers can also reach them at their email address: They can be reached by mail at the following address:

1007 Cherokee LN
Paola, KS 66071

Phone: (913) 294-9320


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