Off Road Unlimited & 4×4 Rock Shop Online

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Off Road Unlimited, known on the web as 4×4 Rockshop Online is a merchant specializing in off-roading equipment for a wide variety of platforms, particularly Trucks, the Jeep JK and ATVs. Their selection includes products for almost every off-roading need including both engine components and exterior accessories.

Their wide selection of engine components is organized by part, and then by make and model of the vehicle. They offer options for most popular vehicle makes including Ford, Jeep, Nissan, Dodge, Chevy and Toyota. These options include air filters, clutches, exhaust systems, oil filters and carburetors. Not all components will be available at all times for each make, but the inventory is upgraded regularly.

A large amount of products are dedicated toward the Jeep JK model. These products include engine components such as drivetrains, exhaust systems and suspension kits. Off Road unlimited also offers options to soup up the JK with a variety of protective and cosmetic options. They offer several different sets of armor to protect the JK, as well as different types of lifting options that allow customers to set the height for their vehicles. There are different bars and rails available to protect all sides of the vehicle. For those who want to make cosmetic changes to their JK, there are a large variety of tops and door styles available as well.

Off Road Unlimited offers a massive selection in addition to the products already mentioned. They have more options for vehicles and ATV’s, and even independent products that may be of use to the off-roader. Additional vehicle products include installable seats and harnesses, specialty tires, light fixtures, and installable options for in-vehicle electronics. They also offer GPS systems, fire extinguishers and specialty engine and transmission fluid. For the bargain hunter, they offer individual sections for specials, package discounts and closeout deals.

Off Road Unlimited can be reached on their website at Customers can also reach them at their email address: They can be reached by mail at the following address:

1007 Cherokee LN
Paola, KS 66071

Phone: (913) 294-9320


TMR Customs Business Overview

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TMR Customs is a small business serving the off-roading community with a specialty in custom machined parts. Through their machining facilities, they are able to provide many unique products for both functional and design purposes. In addition to machined parts, they offer a variety of quality merchandise from reputable manufacturers.

If you are looking for machined parts, TMR Customs is an excellent choice. They offer the following machine services to interested buyers: Laser Cutting, Custom Fabrication, Custom Machining, CNC Milling & Turning, CAD Design, Welding, Tube Bending and Waterjet Cutting. They also have a stock of machined parts that are already created and ready to order.

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4×4 GroupBuy

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4×4 Groupbuy is an online merchant specializing in buying bulk orders and then passing the savings on to its customers. They provide a wide variety of outdoor accessories and components for a variety of different platforms including Jeeps, Trucks, and Hummers. The stock shifts based upon what is available for bulk purchase, and requests made by groups of users to purchase specific items in bulk which will then be made available for sale.

Their large library of products is sorted either by type of product or manufacturer. They offer more than 40 categories of products from nearly 100 different manufacturers on their company website. Their product selection includes both mechanical parts and comfort options for the 4-wheeling enthusiast.

They offer engine components for the exhaust, drivetrain, and air intake systems. They have a large assortment of gears for different makes and models of vehicle. They also have a selection of axle kits as well as brake components and suspension rigs. For those looking for exterior products, they offer an equally large selection.

For exterior options, many different lights and lighting systems are available for purchase. 4×4 GroupsBuy also offers tires, wheels, seats, harnesses and a wide variety of armor options to protect vehicles and ATV’s from the rigors of off-roading. Most manuals are hosted on the website to aid in installation.

Groupbuy offers specialty package deals for large conversion projects. These deals feature all the components and tools necessary to customize an off-roading vehicle at a volume discount. Some of their largest package deals are for the Hummer and Jeep platforms, with first stage and second stage conversions available to prepare either vehicle for off-roading through one easy purchase.

Customers who have any questions on products may chat with a live representative on the 4×4 Groupsbuy webpage at Alternatively customers may take advantage of the following information to contact the company offline:

1125 Center St.
Auburn, ME 04210

Phone 1: 866-494-4729

Phone 2: 207-689-3191

Fax: 207-689-3189


Poly Performance Business Information

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Poly performance is a premier manufacturer and retailer focusing on suspension, drive-train and off-road components. Their wide variety of premium products for vehicles includes parts and accessories for 4×4’s, ATV’s, Moto, snow-mobiles, Rally cars and even R/C.

poly performance

While their specialty is drive train and suspension items, they also offer a massive variety of other off-roading components. Their engine and performance-related stock includes components for exhaust and fuel systems, cooling systems, electrical systems, steering systems, and brakes. Their engine-extraneous offerings include rigs and accessories for lighting, seats, and tires.

For those looking to give their equipment a unique look, Poly Performance offers several customization options. They have a selection of after-market body kits as well as selections for vehicle exteriors and both full and partial graphics kits available from many different companies. For those looking for special deals, they offer an open-box and clearance section with many high-quality but discounted items.

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Harbor Freight Oscillating Tool on Sale 19.99

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Harbor Freight is running their Hand Oscillating Tool on sale for 19.99 with a coupon. This is the recently popular hand tool for cutting base boards, tile, and other hard materials while they are already fixed in place on the ground.

Download and print the harbor freight coupon from here

Ballistic Fabrication 20% Off Coupon

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Ballistic Fabrication – Manufacture of Precision OffRoad Fabrication Supplies

20% and 15% off

Some Restrictions may apply.

Ballistic Fabrication is offering 20% off for return visitors and 15% for everyone else. It’s nice to see for once a company trying to reward people who already spend money with them as well as those who are new. It gets old after a while when companies promote to new clients, offer new clients more deals, and forget about the old-existing clients! Ballistic Fabrication is at least offering new clients near the same discount as existing too.



Ballistic Fabrication - Coupon

Coupon Code: Return = 15% Off Online Orders

20% Off Requires a Call to Ballistic Fabrication


Polaris RZR Rear Diff Leak

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Just got back in from the garage and noticed a tiny puddle under the rear of my Polaris RZR.

I’ve seen this and heard about it from others… I sure hope my rear Diff case isn’t cracked!!!!!

I recall 1 hard hit a couple months ago where the rear-end bottomed out on a dirt trail… not even rocks!

I`ll be digging into the RZR soon to find out for sure.

If anyone else has seen this problem I`m open ears for other possible issues.


20% & 25% harbor freight coupon codes!

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Today, April 24th 2011 is Easter and and in store @ Harbor Freight they are doing 25% off 1 single item (some exclusions), and also available online only is a 20% off coupon!

25% Off Harbor Freight Easter Coupon in Store

25% Off Coupon Code for online ordering: 62471461 EXPIRES 4/24/2011

The easter harbor freight coupon ends today so you must act fast!

20% Off Harbor Freight Coupon


Polaris RZR pictures from trail ride Feb 2011

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A couple weeks ago I purchased a 2008 Polaris RZR which had a bunch of after market race parts on it. I will be documenting the purchase, and build/re-build but in the mean-time I will enjoy it 🙂
Here are some pictures of my polaris rzr on some trails in my yard.

ATV Snow Trip on Tracks

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Today I took my ATV out again. For those who missed my last post it is a Polaris Sportsman that I’ve added the Polaris Tracks to. Now I can make over snow travel easier and also allows me to go to places I couldn’t w/wheels and tires 🙂

New pictures of my snow trip on tracks:

The view was awesome. Clouds lifting, and blowing away as well as smoke and clouds even higher in the sky!

Would never make it up here on tires with this snow.

The trip was a work out! I forgot how much effort is required to turn the tracks.