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SeaBass44 From is the person I referenced on my personal review of Parker Metal Working. He enjoyed his unit… apparently for a VERY short period of time. Here’s how he really feels about Parker Metal Working and Phil Sr. The following is the opinion of SeaBass44 from Pirate4x4.

I bought a scratch & dent plasma from divtec (Parker Metal Working) on ebay at $299, and shipping of $67 az to ca, I’m sure it doesn’t cost that much, but I agreed to buy so I agree to shipping cost, no big deal, it’s $299 right? that is $100 off normal price at that time.

I did not get around to using it for nearly a year after I bought it, it was an impulse buy, I always wanted a plasma & the specs said it would work the same as others I saw at $1,500+ price range so I bought it.

I have never used any plasma cutters in the past, so I can’t compare it, but I was happy with the way it worked that is until it broke.  It was not nearly as easy to use as I had seen xtreme 4×4.  Ian’s seems to cut very easy, if I didn’t hold it PERFECTLY steady, or went a little too fast, it got ugly FAST. Way worse than I had seen on Xtreme 4×4 TV, and at my friends.

I got maybe 5 hours total use out of my Parker Plasma before it stopped working, hard to say using it only a few minutes at a time, it could have been less and most likely was. It still turned on, but when I pressed the trigger it did not activate the air, ignite  or anything.  At first I thought it could just be the switch, so I get out my ohm meter and tested it; it was a good switch so that was not it.  I call up Parker Metal Working and get Jim, he is always friendly and helps out and tells me even though the trigger checks out with the ohm meter, go ahead and pull connector from front of machine and just touch a screwdriver tip across the 2 terminals to make the connection, I did and it still did not work.  Jim @ Parker told me to go ahead and ship it back, it would be repaired at $65 an hour + shipping, max time 4 hours, so I was looking at a cost break down of:

cost $299
shipping $67
total $366

cost to repair since I’ve had it over a year no warrenty, I never used it for 8-10 months after I got it
$65 an hour, 4 hour max
so if it takes the 4 hours
$260 + $67 shipping + my shipping to them $67
1 hour $199
4 hours $394

I don’t feel like getting it repaired if it’s going to cost $199-394 I might as well buy a new one……..But I don’t use it much, so it’s low on the list.
It’s nice to have when you need it, but 5 hours use & it crapped out…. not exactly good electronics from Parker Metal Working!!!

Maybe I should take a chance on another vendor?

After posting my story on the pvt vendor section not seen by the public on, another vendor on there replied and said that If you are willing to pay shipping back and forth… ill replace it for you free of charge. Ill take the broken one and we will recycle it and see what went wrong. No problem at all! I was quite surprised at this reply, most happy to hear this too. WOW! Even parker metal working didn’t offer that………& I bought on ebay, pimped him on, turned him onto becoming a vendor there where he has sold countless units over the past years so I will gladly take up on there very nice offer, & this offer was made in our pvt fourm where only vendors can see, not the general public, so it was not out of huge advertisemet gain that he made this offer as far as I could tell.

Jim at parker is about the only thing they have going for them, every time Phil sr replies on, he sounds like the uni-bomber ranting, or a used car salesmen trying to unload an old beater.

Back to my Parker Story… I had trouble with the unit cutting when I got it after the 1st time, called & JIM figured it right out, I had bought replacement tips from 2 other vendors on Ebay, turns out the holes were far too big & it wouldn’t work for beans, lucky for me I only bought 20 of those, because I also bought a 100 pack of all tip parts and these were the correct size Jim is a very good guy, great on the phone and very knowledagable about the Plasma Units.


  1. Seabass44,
    Looking to buy a plasma cutter and have been reading your experiences with interest. Which Longevity unit did you get and how is it doing?

    Comment by Larry McCollum — October 11, 2008 @ 4:57 am

  2. Nice article. Thanks. 🙂 Eugene

    Comment by Eugene — October 20, 2008 @ 1:56 pm

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