Plasma Cam and Hypertherm 600 Install

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Well I got my plasmacam all setup in the corner and dialed in. We ran diagnostics on it and made sure everything was working right and reading each other. The plasmacam diagnostics tool is great and makes quick work for checking connections and for fluid movement of the machine.

My next task was to install my hypertherm 600 to the plasmacam so that it can control the on/off of the trigger for plasma cutting. However, the plasmacam manual had NOTHING in it regarding installing/configuring/setting up the plasmacam to the hypertherm plasma cutter.

I was told by someone that the video contained this data but since I do not have the video (used unit) I am stuck waiting for someone from Hypertherm to get back to me on what to install to where. I also plan to call Plasmacam themselves tomorrow and see if they can walk me through it over the phone.

I played around with the plasmacam software today too and read the manual front to back a couple times so that I new what I was doing once it becomes time to actually cut some metal 🙂 I`m sure I`ll reference the manual again even though the software is pretty straight forwad I know I will have questions.

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