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I’ve wanted a CNC Plasma Table for a while now (~6yrs) and had received the Plasma Cam introduction video/sales video and it looked like a great machine so I did some research on it and nothing became of it for many reasons.

Fast forward to last weekend (March 29th 2008) and I was on my way to look at an older gently used PlasmaCam CNC cutting table. Now, around 6 years later I had already purchased my plasma cutter (Hypertherm 600) and already have a good sized air compressor to use with the cutter.

After checking out the Plasmacam unit I made the purchase and brough the 4’x4′ CNC Plasma Cutting table home 🙂

Here’s the plasma cam with out the slats and with only the table in the right spot 🙂


Close-Up of the plasmacam motors used to move the cutter forward, backward and side to side.
You can’t see in this pic but there there is a Z-Axis motor too used to control height (not digitally) .

plasma cam motors

A picture of the CLEAN yet slightly rusted slats I got. Barely any plasma slag was on them.

plasmacam cnc table

I got the plasmacam to use for my own creations and projects, I don’t plan to “Make a business” out of this unit. If friends want some things cut the best I hope for is to pay-back the unit I have no desire to do a full-time business with it. Now if I come up with some rather unique parts I have no problem selling those 😉 If I find I really do enjoy working with the table I will probably upgrade my hypertherm 600 to a hypertherm 1250 so that I can cut 3/8″ like butter, and if required could go up to 3/4″ on the table 🙂

The plasmacam people on the phone were nice and did not try to get me to buy a new unit. In fact they told me if this one was a good deal and worked to buy it. It seems the bad press they got in the past is slowly dwindling as their support grows.

I`ll update soon when I get it together. More pictures of the plasma cam coming soon.


  1. hii…. i have a very clean plasma cam … but theres only one thing wrong with it … the DHC digatal height control the motor is after wareing out on me … does any one know where to get one ……. email me back as soon as you can at …. thanks

    Comment by david mc garry — November 30, 2009 @ 2:46 pm

  2. David – give Plasma CAM a call – that z axis motor is available. 719.676.2701

    Semper Fi,


    Comment by Joe — July 21, 2010 @ 6:26 am

  3. the plasmacam here at my boces sucks! i can never get the darn thing to connect. it only likes to work for us occasionally

    Comment by zack — March 10, 2011 @ 7:39 am

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