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Using a plasma cutter produces metal dust and metal dust tends to get all over and is not exactly healthy to inhale.  The solution for a CNC Plasma Cutter (in my case plasmacam) is to setup some type of exhaust system to vent the metal dust away / out of the garage / shop.

My original plan was to use 1 12″ hole with a squirrel cage fan and plumb it out my front garage with removable/storable ducting.  This idea soon changed as ducting was expensive and it would require me to store it somewhere while not in use.

I then stumbled upon some fans at Northenr Tool called FlowPro. They are an 8″ blower and 12″ fan capable of producing nearly 2500cfm each.  I decided this was the best route and got two of them as well as the ventilation hose that goes with them.  My original plan was to also vent these around my front yard to the side yard with the ventillation hoses.  This idea soon changed.

This is a picture of my plasma table with the exhaust fans in their ‘storage’ position.

I changed from venting around the house to just blowing 5000cfm of air straight into the driveway.  This amount of air litterrally blows the dust away INSTANTLY.  I have tried to get video of the dust suction in progress but it’s been weird/hard for my camera to get it with the bright light of the plasma cutter in action.

So, what I did for exhaust was completely box in my plasma table cut-out two holes for the fans (they sit right in there) and then when I am ready to cut I turn them on and they suck EVERYTHING down and push it way way far awy in the front.  The dust/metal during cutting goes up about 2″ above the steel then rolls over and is sucked back down by the fans.

Here you can see some test holes and the entire unit blocked off.

I also have a water table under my plasmacam, it is used to catch LARGE particles as it does not cut down  the dust unless the steel is practically in the water. To my surprise the water table has captured A LOT of metal dust and particles.

This is in my opinion the simplest form of an exhaust setup for your plasmacam or any other cnc plasma cutter.  If I had room or the proper setup I would perm. attach the fans and duct them to the sideyard.  ON the sideyard they would blow into a LARGE (4’x’6) box with screens on it.  This would slow down the dust particles from escaping and allow me to cut in the winter / rainy season.

As to anything you make or buy there are always possibilites for making it better.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your dust management solution. If you have a chance would be nice to see your water table.

    Comment by John Gavin — January 23, 2017 @ 3:47 am

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