Plasmacam Requirements… money!

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So the plasmacam is requiring me to spend some more money 🙁 to get it to run safely, longer, and cleaner. (And so that I can make better cuts and live longer!)

After doing more research it seems best to get an air dryer to keep the air dry going to the plasma cutter. Many people have had good luck with the Harbor Freight Air Dryer and if you are an ITC member you get it for $279! For that price it’s a screaming deal! The nearest priced one that is comparable is an Eaton from Eaton Compressors at $630 and from there an IR at $850 and up up up.

I learned that even with an air dryer you still need your standard water/oil seperator and a coalescing filter. These two items will still run you about $150 to over $500 depending on what size you require. For me, the $150 coalescing filter would due as well as the home depot or sears branded standard oil/water (large particle) filter.

Since I`ve had my plasma for a few years I already have a Motorguard M60 “toilet paper” style filter I plan to run right before the cutter still as a last resort!

The other items I need to get are sheet metal to make a base around my plasmacam as well as some fans to exhaust the fumes. Plasmacam suggests around 3200cfm for a down draft table sucking air and blowing it outside… I went with 2 12″ fans rated at 2,450 CFM due to the fact that I have to run the ducting a long way and it will probably drop to around 2000cfm from each fan. It was also cheaper this way but still expensive.

The fans I chose were the FlowPro Utility Blower from Northern Tool. I also got their duct kit but will have to see if it can hold up to the plasma dust. In the end it was around $500.

So, an air dryer $290.00 shipped, the coalescing filter $175 shipped, a standard large particle separator $30 and whatever else misc air fittings you need + hose/line at ~$50.00 the upgrade to your air system comes in at $545. *We are assuming you have a compressor already that can keep up with your plasma cutter*

Add that $545 for air upgrade to the $500 for the exhaust fans and ducting and you are over 1,000$ in additional equipment to run the plasmacam / plasma cutter right with the best clean, dry air you can. And also to run it with an exhaust system so you wont be breathing in the toxic fumes created by plasma cutting.

I still haven’t decided how I plan to filter the air as I don’t want to just shoot the fumes into the backyard, I hope this isn’t expensive and I can build some type of filtering box.

Anyway I wanted those that are thinking about buying a cnc plasma cutter be it plasmacam or torchmate or any of them to know they require you to buy other things to run right and healthy.

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