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I made some quick videos of my CNC Plasma Cutter (PlasmaCam) cutting some 18ga cold rolled mild steel. The video of the plasmacam in action was to show how effective ~5000cfm exhaust system is but it is very hard to see the dust being sucked down due to the bad lighting. I will have to make more plasmacam videos in the future.

The first video will be of the plasmacam cutting with no exhaust fans on.

Plasmacam Cutting Video No Exhaust System

This second plasmacam video you can hear the exhaust fans (they are loud) and if you look hard you can see the dust coming up about 2″ above the grates and then being sucked back down and exhausted out front.

Plasmacam Cutting Video WITH Exhaust System

The video with the exhaust you will also see less sparks as they are pulled down too.

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