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Poison Spyder customs is an off-roading retailer that focuses on components and accessories for a variety of Jeep models. The company is owned by Larry McRae and his wife Cheri, life-long devotees to 4-wheeling who recently purchased the company from Clifton Slay. McRae, who holds several national championship titles in off-roading, manages his business in a way that reflects his love for four-wheeling, and for the four-wheeling community.

Poison Spyder specializes in providing hardware options for the Jeep Models: CJ, YJ, TJ-LJ, and the JK. For each model, they offer a series of customized option for both the interior and the exterior. Their interior accessories include such items as straps, grab handles and harnesses for fire extinguishers.  Their exterior options include a wide variety of cover plates, stingers and other varieties of armor and damage prevention.

Armor is one of the primary focuses of Poison Spyder, and as such they offer many specialized types for each part of the vehicle. Their armor is classified under: Bumpers and stingers, Front Fender, Rocker, Rear Corner, and undercarriage. Most of these options are available for all the Jeep models. Poison Spyder also offers different types of roll cages for each model and the tool kits to install them.

Poison Spyder exterior option also includes many different heavy duty lighting options, as well the mounts to install them properly. They also provide decals for customers who wish to advertise their affiliation with the company. Customers looking for the best deal should check out their “Garage Sale” section, which offers heavily discounted revolving specials.

For customers looking to show off their love for the company and the sport, there is a wide assortment of branded swag. Headwear is available for both men and ladies in a variety of styles such as beanies and ball caps. There are also several different styles of shirts and sweatshirts available for purchase. Non-clothing options include playing cards, calendars and raffle tickets for other merchandise.

The Poison Spyder website can be found at http://shop.poisonspyder.com. They can be reached at the following mailing address:

Poison Spyder Customs, Inc.

1143 W. Lincoln St., #20

Banning, CA 92220 USA

They can also be reached at the following number:

(951) 849-5911

Fans and interested customers can find them on Facebook, and their website has recently been upgraded to allow for a specialized smart phone experience through both Android and Iphone.


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