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  1. Why do ppl go for automatics these days raethr than driving stick?, why do teenage boys drive big ass trucks?When I bought my first car my friends insisted that I buy a stick. SOOO i went and bought myself a nissan se-r spec v. I loved it at first with all the power rush unlike an automatic where u gotta push it to the floor. But I realize soo many ppl don’t bother with stick? Wouldn’t we have less accidents if everyone drove stick shift? The only problem I have is when I was taught to drive stick I always have to remove the clutch so freakin slow, I’ve seen youtube vids where ppl let go of the clutch so fast and give tons of gas?, now my other question is why everyday I see more kids drive big trucks raethr than boy-racers? lmao are they avoiding ppl say that can’t drive stick so they buy trucks to still look cool? Idk these days I’m wondering if I should go with an automatic sedans raethr keeping a stick sports car. what u guys think?

    Comment by Abu — August 19, 2015 @ 9:26 am

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