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PSC Motorsports is an online retailer that has a dual focus of off-roading and circle track motorsports. While they offer many fine products from many manufacturers, their specialty is their renowned steering systems, available for a variety of platforms.

PSC steering systems are organized by make and model and are available for engines made by GM, Ford, Suzuki, Toyota, Dodge, and Jeep. These acceptable engines may be limited by specific models based upon their year of manufacture. PCS list applicable model years as: Dodge Truck 79-11, Ford Truck 70-11, Ford Bronco 66-96, Ford Car, GM Car 58-96, GM Truck 68-11, Toyota Truck, Suzuki, and Jeep 72-11

The PSC steering specialization serves both their off-roading and their circle-track customers, and they have a large assortment of steering kits and accessories available. Their primary components are high-performance steering pumps, of which they offer several options for most vehicles. Since the high-performance steering pumps that PSC sells are often more sensitive and higher maintenance than standard pumps, PSC also provides products to upgrade the efficiency of the steering system and the products needed to maintain them.

To support the steering pumps, PSC sells high quality shafts, tie rods, hoses and other important accessories needed to get the entire steering system operating on a higher level. As high-performance steering systems typically over-heat steering fluid, PSC also sells fluids coolers to protect the integrity of the system. They also sell professional steering wheels with the applicable columns and hooks.

Their website hosts a large amount of industry news and a gallery of photos of customers putting their products into action. They also host a special technical section that includes dozens of topics about the specs and installation of each type of product that they offer.

They can be contacted at their website They are also available through their support line at (817) 270-0102. They can be mailed at their address

PSC Motorsports
11468 FM 730 S Azle, TX 76020


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