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17.jpgSo I decided shortly after getting another tool (my press brake + contraption) that I was quickly running out of space in my 2 car garage, and that in order to keep fabricating for my 4×4 in my own garage I was going to have to do something about it.

After once again re-organizing the garage, I realized no matter where I put the tools I just was never going to have enough room to work in the center area with tools in a standard position. I was going to have to make every large fabrication tool in my garage mobile. The plan was to track down some quality casters at a very reasonable price… after all I was going to need 16 to 20 of them.

Previously I had purchased my welding table casters (which is not done yet due to space and time) from CasterCity. I got 4 of the 6″ poly on glass filled model G15 rated for 1200lbs each for the welding table. I would have loved to have gotten them for EVERYTHING else as they utilize a precision machined combination load and thrust bearing with a heat treated raceway. This eliminates the center pin which holds the caster to the plate on the majority of casters. The reason I got these for the welding table was due to the side load the table may see loading and unloading axles, transmissions, and or holding both and jarring against stuff while moving the table around. Basically these are VERY STRONG casters on top of their already very nice weight limit of 1200lbs each.

So, when it came time to find new casters I found the ones I liked on CasterCity but they were still ~$30/each and I decided to hold off. Turns out ENCO had some casters on sale, and I received their sale catalog the day or so after looking on caster city. Anyway, the casters ENCO had on sale just so happened to be the IDENTICAL ones I found on CasterCity for $30 but ENCO price was $27 + if you purchased 4 or more you got them for $17 (YES $17.00) and that even included a brake. The casters I got use a center pin (3/4″), they are rated for 1200lbs, the wheels have roller bearings w/grease fittings. The caster itself has double ball bearings with heat treated raceways. Needless to say these casters were overkill for probably 90% of the things I planned to mount on them (4800lbs is a LOT).

I ended up ordering 20 casters and a few other small items on March 3rd, 2008 and on March 4th 2008 in the evening UPS dropped off 6 boxes from ENCO. I was lucky enough to use the ENCO Free Shipping Coupon so these heavy boxes cost me $0 to get here in 1 day. Talk about fast order processing and fast delivery from UPS. Needless to say I was impressed and will continue to order from ENCO in the future, even items I need yesterday I would rather order on line save a few bucks than run to a local hardware store and grab.




Here’s a quick run down of what I plan to put on casters:

  • 20 Ton Shop Press (It will get a tray on the bottom to hold tooling, and other misc. things. Total weight ~250-350lbs, so yeah 4800lbs is overkill but for ~8$ more than the cheaper counterpart these will roll smoother and last a lifetime)
  • Sheet Metal & Steel Plate Storage. I am building a 4’x’3 (or so) rack on these casters to store my sheet metal and small amounts of plate ranging in size from 1/8″ to 3/8″. If I have room and the cart is stable I will also store some pipe, tube, and other scrap. This storage container will probably be the ONLY ONE that comes even near maxing out the weight of the 4 casters that hold it up. I estimate the cart will come in at ~100-200lbs, and the steel it holds can go over 4,000lbs easy if I load up a bunch of 1/4″ and 3/8″ and 3″x3″x5/16″ tube I have. We will see 🙂
  • Press Brake Press – I`m going to make the contraption I got with my 24″ Press Brake have it’s own legs, and casters. This way it will be designated for bending steel and my 20 TON SHOP PRESS will be used for bearings, dimple dies, and many things to come. (Both of these items are getting ‘beefed up’ with steel, and gussets from
  • Tube Bender. I am converting my tube bender to air over hydro and it will get a new frame and be mounted on casters.
  • Bandsaw. My bandsaw came with a crappy frame and legs, it is getting a new frame and 4 of these casters to help it get around the shop.

Well, that takes care of 20 of my 20 casters from ENCO… I still have my 80gallon upright air compressor I was hoping to put on casters, although it never moves and would only need to move to clean the area it’s in so that’s no loss. I`m sure I`m going to come up with another item or two I wish I had on casters so I may order up another set or two from ENCO while they are on sale and I can use my enco coupon.

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