The rest of my enco order.

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18.jpgI also got a couple 18″ vise grips and 3 dykem markers.

I also needed a couple 18″ vise grips to easily clamp items on the drill press.  I liked this idea better than using a step block and clamp set, this will be easier and quicker to use.  ENCO is a TON cheaper than any place local or online I’ve found so far for vise grips.  Sears has the 11″ for more than I can get the 18″ for from ENCO.


Next on my list was to test out some new metal marking tools.  Sharpies work good but only a short time if the metal is not perfectly clean, and I don’t know about you but I don’t scotchbrite the metal before I cut it and know where I`m going to weld…. so I decided to test out a couple colors of the Dykem Brite-Mark 40 paint markers.  They are flammable, so I will see what happens to the dried paint when/if I use the line drawn to plasma cut.  I got a couple colors from ENCO but the silver is the only one that showed up the rest were on back order.


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