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This is the first of many build-up posts regarding my new to me buggy. It is not “up to date” as I got this thing almost exactly 4 years from this posting… wow time flys. So, I am starting this build at the start, and going to catch it up to present time!

When I purchased this buggy from Jeff AKA H8Monday I had my `94 YJ on 1 Tons and was wheeling that so the buggy was not a top priority to get finished for me.
I ended up selling my Jeep a few months later and picked up a Polaris Sportsman 800 and have wheeled the crap out of that thing all the while the buggy sat waiting for some attention.

Since I purchased the buggy I have moved four times, started a business, quit my day job, got married, and purchased a house that I continue to remodel so the buggy and time to work on it are very little. I could not have gotten to where I am today without my sponsors and partners. – – Luckily for me they have had time for my build more than I have, and unfortunately I have not personally contributed as much fab work to the build as I would have hoped. (Update: Now 4 years later I am finally starting to wrench on it, and put the finishing touches on it!)

The rig started out looking like this when I purchased it from Jeff.



Jeff kept his front axle so after getting the rig home I returned the front axle, and the rig started out on jack stands.

I new that I was going to put a dana 60 up front like my other rig and started scouring the web looking for a deal on one.
I ended up finding a Ford HP60 and 14B combo in Los Angeles and made the trip and picked them both up.

My plans for the buggy build were.

  • HP60 Front w/allows & CTMs
    I purchased CTM U-Joints, and Superior Shafts to go with my 60.
  • Full hydro steering w/Station(POS) goodies.
  • Coil over Front suspension (Currently leaf spring)

That was the original basic plan, just put parts back on it, and wheel it. The rear had worked fine for Jeff so my plan was to leave it all the same and just get it running again.

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