What is a Torchmate CNC Plasma Cutter?

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A Torchmate CNC plasma cutter is a powerful tool that allows industrial artists, engineers, and even just home users to cut precision shapes out of metal. Whether used to create custom automobile or machine parts, durable metal doors, or one-of-a-kind metal art pieces, the Torchmate CNC line of plasma cutters offers users a wide range of customization options combined with the durability and dependability that make Torchmate one of the world leaders in plasma cutters.

Torchmate is a family-founded company that started selling Torchmate shape cutting machines in 1979. From the beginning, Torchmate was committed to offering machines at an affordable price to appeal to hobbyists and small-scale operators. Torchmate has also always been dedicated to making metal cutting technology accessible for those without traditional metalworking skills. Torchmate’s machines are easy to use, and the automated Torchmate CNC cutters require no metalworking skills at all to operate.

CNC stands for computer numerically controlled, meaning a CNC plasma cutter is fully automated. Users simply connect their IBM-compatible laptop or desktop PCs to the plasma cutter after using the computer to design or copy shapes to be cut out of metal. Anything from simple text shapes and clip art to complex custom works of art can be cut with the Torchmate CNC plasma cutter at the touch of a button.

Plasma cutters work by sending pressurized gas through a small channel with a negative electrode in the center. When power is sent through this negative electrode and the tip of the cutter is touched to metal, a circuit is created that generates a powerful spark. The spark heats the gas pushing through the channel until it reaches a plasma state. This plasma stream is extremely hot, around 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and can cut metal quickly and precisely.

One of Torchmate’s most unique features as a producer of plasma cutters is the range of sizes and customization options it offers for its CNC plasma line. Torchmate sells plasma cutters as small as 2’x2′ and as large as 10’x40′, with a wide range of sizes available in between. This also means that Torchmate plasma cutters range in price, with affordable smaller options for home or studio use and large-scale options available as well.

Torchmate CNC Cutters also can be customized and personalized when purchased from the company. Torchmate prides itself on offering more options than any other company, allowing users to incorporate plasma cutters, routers, water jets, engravers, glue guns or any of a number of other tools into their machine.

To use a Torchmate CNC, users only need to have basic computer skills and the ability to use Windows in order to create and edit graphics. Creating graphics can be as simple as downloading clip art or creating text shapes, or as complex as creating designs completely from scratch. The big advantage to using a CNC plasma cutter is that it requires no metal working skills or experience at all.

Torchmate plasma cutters come with a powerful Computer-Aided Design (CAD) program that allows users to create designs from scratch or easily manipulate pre-existing graphics. The program contains a powerful feature that can automatically duplicate and rotate an image, nesting the copies together in the most space-efficient way. This maximizes the use of materials when creating multiple copies of an item.

Torchmate CNC plasma cutters are easy to use, affordable and also highly powerful. Torchmate’s automated plasma cutters are used to create artwork and custom industrial parts by artists and engineers worldwide and are well-known throughout the industry for their reliability and precision.


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